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Maria Matveeva, singer. Videoclip Princess of Ukok


October 2017 //


October 2017
Campo imperatore, Italy

Shooting session of a video clip for a new song “Princess of Ukok” by  Maria Matveeva & Deep Forest. The clip director is Cosimo Alemá. With the participation of the B-movie company and a beautiful actress Cécile Cocard.


I found the suggestions of my land, rich in mystic content and hypnotic magnetism, which provided the inspiration for these songs, in Campo Imperatore (L'Aquila, Abruzzo).


The inspiration for the song “Princess of Ukok” came from a really fascinating story I feel the urge to tell and share. In 1993 a group of archaeologists from Novosibirsk led by Natal'ja Polos'mak discovered a sacred place at the foot of the mountains on the Ukok plateau in the Altai Mountains region of Russia, called the “Russian Tibet”. This region is one of the most mystical places in Asia where there is still a strong presence of shamanic culture and tribal peoples heirs of the Gorny Altai Kurgan Pazyryk culture, a nomadic people of Siberian knights who lived between the 6th and 3rd century BC. It is a timeless place where people still live in harmony with nature and communicate with the spirits.


Here was discovered a Bronze Age funerary mound of a young, mummified, high-social class woman known as Princess Ukok or Princess of the Ice. Even today, Altai shamans believe that “White mistress” – the white priestess – possessed qualities that transcended the material world and guaranteed for her people the extra-temporal balance between the real world and the world of darkness. This key role still needs to be preserved today.

In this song I express my spiritual connection with the mysterious figure of the princess, singing about her difficult destiny, and her return to our times from the magical land of Altai to the whole world.


The video will be published at the beginning of 2018. 

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